Our Client Testimonials

What customers say about Kenny Caughlin

“We always get exactly the read we want, whatever style – every time! You’ve managed to pull us out of some tight spots when we have needed fast turn- around. We are looking forward to doing more work with you on an on-going basis. Keep up the great work!”

“A Lean, mean, powerful voice that lets your client know that their product is undeniably important and their turnaround time is SO quick! Kenny Caughlin comes with our highest recommendation without a doubt.”

“Quick turnaround of voiceovers enables us to get spots on air fast! We are built for speed and the working relationship we enjoy with Kenny Caughlin is indeed a match made in Heaven.”

“I’m just a plumber. If Kenny can make a plumber sound good, he can make anyone sound good. My ads haven’t even aired and I’m already getting buzz from people because they’re passing them around in emails. I’ve never had that happen from a radio spot. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

“I’m glad I was able to work with Ken – it’s been a great experience. Thank you!”

“Wow !! What a difference !!
I’m sure you hear this all the time, but the VO is awesome!!
Thank you and we will definitely be back”